Meet Chief– Our APL Pet Project This Week

Photo Credit: APL

Meet Chief, a delightful 2-year-old orange tabby shorthaired cat with a heart as warm as his vibrant coat. This sweet and affectionate feline is the epitome of love, greeting everyone he meets with a gentle nuzzle and a soft purr. Chief’s playful spirit shines through as he eagerly pounces and swats at feather toys, bringing joy and laughter to those around him. Yet, when the playtime is over, Chief finds solace in the comfort of a cozy blanket, curling up for a well-deserved catnap. With his endearing personality and unwavering affection, Chief is sure to steal the hearts of his new family, bringing warmth and companionship to their lives with every purr and cuddle. If you are interested in adopting him, call the APL at 217-544-7387 or fill out an application at!

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