The Healthiest Cities in America Are…

Photo Credit: Pexels

San Francisco tops WalletHub’s list of Healthiest Cities, while Brownsville, Texas, comes in last.

The site looked at more than 180 of the country’s most populated cities, using more than three dozen metrics in four main categories: health care; food (healthy-eating restaurants, nutritionists per capita, and the like); fitness; and green space, which looks at a city’s parks, hiking and biking trails, and its overall “greenness.”

Healthiest cities

San Francisco (No. 1 in “Food,” “Green Space” categories)
San Diego
Washington, DC
Portland, Oregon
Salt Lake City
Scottsdale, Arizona (No. 1 in “Fitness” category)
Irvine, California


Least healthy cities
Fort Smith, Arkansas
Huntington, West Virginia
Corpus Christi, Texas
Fayetteville, North Carolina
Augusta, Georgia
Shreveport, Louisiana
Columbus, Georgia (last in “Health Care” category)
Laredo, Texas
Gulfport, Mississippi
Brownsville, Texas (last in “Food,” “Fitness” categories)

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