Mental Health Monday: Holiday Blues


The Holidays can either be a time of Joy or utter despair. There is a little in between, but not much.  The Holidays bring such a focus on being cheerful and together with family. Eating plentifully around the fire, enjoying exciting stories from your family members you haven’t seen in a year, are all a part of a “Successful holiday.” Well, what if you don’t have family, what if you don’t have money for a feast, and what if there are no joyful stories from the year before? You can see how it could go downhill pretty fast.

Sometimes, staying home and laying under the covers for a day or two seems like the easiest thing to do, but not always the healthiest choice (I’m strictly talking about mental health here.) Try going out. Even if you get to talk to the people behind the counter at the library or coffee shop, this is human connection. Plus these interactions can lengthen if you tend to go to the same place a lot. Befriending someone at your local haunt might happen and this can lead to very fruitful friendships.

Put yourself into nature, it’s a good way to reset yourself.  Plus when you are out most of the day, going home will turn into something that you will look forward to, as opposed to being there all day and startling to dread it.

As per usual, you always have me to reach out to. You can connect at  I’ve been there.  A lot of people have been and are there. You are not alone. I hope this time of the year brings you peace and contentment.

Here is this weeks, feel good fun time video!


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