Holiday Décor Idea From Rocki [VIDEO]

Photo Credit: Pexels

I think by now, most of us have a Netflix account, or at least are still finding ways to borrow someone else’s. Either way, if you don’t know about the “Netflix Fire,” boy do I have a treat for you. Having a fire place is nice, but not all of us  have the house or space for real genuine fireplace. I have seen some friends with a fake one that give off heat, but it just doesn’t have the real look.

I found this our years ago. If you have Netflix, just search for fireplace. I believe there are two editions Netflix has – both traditional and Birchwood fire places. I enjoy the birch wood. It seems to have more of those fire crackles I enjoy hearing so much.

I’m telling you though, if you have this on, next to the tree, maybe with some candles lit, a nap is definitely in order. Plus, if you don’t have Netflix, feel free to access this one below from YouTube! Happy Holidays!


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