Average American Spends 300 Hours a Year Cleaning

Photo Credit: Pexels

Americans are spending nearly 300 hours a year cleaning their homes.

A survey of 2,000 adults finds that cleaning is one of the activities that take up a good chunk of their week, along with watching TV and working.

Half of Americans admit to falling behind in cleaning their home at least sometimes.

The survey also finds that while some find cleaning to be fun, a third of respondents admit to disliking this chore. Forty-five percent of those surveyed find the burden of cleaning lies solely on them in their household.

Not only are they doing it alone, but one in four have even showed up late to an event or left early because they needed to prioritize cleaning their home. Similarly, 26 percent have missed out on events like going out for drinks with friends, spending time with family and attending their child’s sports game or recital because they needed to clean instead.


More than half of those surveyed anticipate having guests at their homes during the holiday season, leading most of these respondents to clean more frequently during this time of year.

On average, people would start cleaning three days before they have guests over for the holidays, while one in seven would start cleaning at least a week in advance. It’s no surprise, then, why a third of those surveyed admit that they dislike hosting others for events at their home.

Nearly three in five feel tired by the end of prepping for visitors and most of these respondents say this tiredness makes it difficult to have a good time and make memories with their guests.

Instead of occupying their time cleaning during the holiday season, Americans want to spend time relaxing, watching movies and spending time with their loved ones.

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