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Vegans and Vegetarians Depressed Twice as Often as Meat-Eaters

Photo Credit: Pexels

Meatless diets are associated with depression.

A study finds that vegetarians experience depressive episodes twice as frequently as meat eaters.

There’s a “positive association between the prevalence of depressive episodes and a meatless diet.”

The study concluded,  “Nutrient deficiencies do not explain this association. The nature of the association remains unclear…”

A number of other studies suggest a distinct correlation between mood and food. In 2017, researchers looked at the diets of folks with major depressive symptoms and found that people with depression who followed a diet high in whole grains, lean protein, low-fat dairy and plant foods were four times more likely to be in remission than those who ate ultra-processed foods.

Another study, published in 2019, found a correlation between a Mediterranean diet with fish oil supplements and reduced depression.

** While eating animal proteins may be associated with happiness, plant-based diets have long been associated with a lower risk of heart disease.

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