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Pilot Surprises Girlfriend With Mid-Air Proposal

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A pilot from Fort Myers, Florida, pulled off the ultimate surprise proposal at 35,000 feet in the air.

Alex Petrikas and his then-girlfriend Macy Logan, were flying back home after a trip to Dallas. That’s where American Airlines is headquartered.

With the help of the flight crew, Petrikas concocted an elaborate plan. Logan thought someone else on the plane was about to get engaged. That’s what he told all 179 passengers.

The pilot told a packed plane, “Good afternoon folks from the front of the aircraft. I am the pilot, not the pilot for this aircraft but a pilot for American Airlines group.”

He even read (over the intercom) the love letter the “other” guy wrote.

“Since the moment we met my life has changed in ways I never thought possible. My heart has learned to love in a whole new way. It felt safe and peaceful like all the worries in life had just vanished. While at the same time, it felt like a million volts of electricity surging through my veins every time we’re together.”

“As I’m sitting there reading the letter I was shaking so much, I’m telling myself ‘Alex, you can’t shake because she’s going to realize it’s for her and not somebody else’”.

His girlfriend didn’t catch on. So he told her to grab the woman in 13C.

Then he said, “Oh, sorry! Actually, Macy, can you come back for a second? I messed up. I got the wrong seat number. I’m sorry.”

But there was no wrong seat number. As Logan walked back to the front of the plane, Petrikas was down on one knee.

“She said yes! Thank goodness. That would have been awkward,” he said over the intercom.

All the passengers cheered.

The couple wants to get married in May 2023.

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