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Want a Better Sex Life? Save Money From Every Paycheck

Photo Credit: Pexels

Recent research suggests there might be a connection between how couples manage their money and their sex life.

Researchers tested whether financial stress linked financial management behaviors and sexual satisfaction. They made an educated guess that consistently practicing healthy financial management behaviors would be connected to less financial stress, and that less financial stress would benefit a newly-married couple’s sexual satisfaction.

The results partially supported this prediction. Specifically, for both husbands and wives, consistent practice of financial management behaviors was strongly linked to their own reports of less financial stress. Decreased financial stress for wives was connected to both wives and husbands reporting better sex lives. However, husbands’ financial stress was unrelated to their own or their wives’ satisfaction with their sexual relationship.

The researchers found that wives’ financial stress might matter more for a newly-married couple’s sex life than husbands’ financial stress.

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