Deb West


So what do you want to know??

I have been in Springfield since 2010 and have been having a blast.  I am originally from Columbus, OH and am a Buckeye through and through.  I am married and have the world’s most amazing daughter, 6 cats, 3 dogs and one horse (plus my daughter’s snake, Fluffy.)

A few fun random facts about me

  • Favorite food is fried chicken
  • Favorite vacation place is anywhere there is a beach
  • Favorite color is green
  • Favorite past time is horse back riding (aside from spending time with my daughter)
  • Favorite movie – Terminator
  • Favorite book- Game of Thrones
  • Favorite TV show – Face Off on SyFy

Deb’s Bucket list

  • Horse back riding tour of Scotland and/or Ireland
  • Visit all 50 states at least once
  • Scuba dive alongside a whale shark
  • Attend a really cool celebrity studded party- Oscars, Grammys, American Music Award – I don’t care just so I get to dress up fancy and meet celebrities!


You know me, I LOVE food but….

So Taco Bell is seeming pretty desperate to get their breakfast menu off the grounds by any means necessary.  Check out their latest culinary delight  Cap’n Crunch doughnut holes. They are doughnut holes covered in Cap’n Crunch