Aaron Tyler
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I was that guy in high school that always had an opinion, wasn’t afraid to make it heard, and usually ended up being told by teachers that if I didn’t be quiet, they’d have a nice little yellow slip to hand me on my way out of class that day inviting me to a thirty-minute face-to-face meeting after school the next day. 

Sometimes I listened, sometimes I didn’t, but it helped me figure out what I was supposed to do with life. I started my career in radio between my Junior and Senior years of high school as an intern for another Springfield radio station, eventually making it onto the payroll and doing weekend shows. I’ve seen a few spots in the U.S., thanks to radio, that I probably wouldn’t have gotten to see otherwise (hello, Tulsa, Oklahoma and Dothan, Alabama!). 

Now, as a little bit older person, I’ve come home to the Springfield area again and am the person that says occasionally witty things between songs every Monday through Friday afternoon. I live in Jacksonville with my wife, my stepson, our infant son, our three dogs, and two cats.