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Hollywood News
Weekday mornings as 6:40
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Jennifer Lopez isn’t ashamed of her past relationships
Ricki Lake calls it quits on her marriage after just 2 years
Charlie Sheen and porn star fiancee call off wedding
A war flick, a chick flick and an animated flick all new in theaters this weekend


Wake Up and Win
Start your day off right with great prizes at 6:50
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 One in every five American families doesn’t have one of these. What is it? (Savings Account)

Stoopid News
Join Chris and Deb for non-stop morons on parade weekdays at 7:20
EBOLA!!! The TV show…
New coffee flavor at McDonalds- dead mouse
Wow, is this couple going to have a story to tell their kid about the day he was born!!
So which is more dangerous- a poisonous water moccasin or two idiot women with a gun?


Smarter Than Deb
Play Smarter Than Deb every weekday morning just after 7:30


1. What is the warmest continent? (Africa)

2. How many eyelids does a cat have on each eye? (3)

3. What war provides the background for the book “gone with the wind”? (Civil War)

4. Which singer played a fashion model in the 1975 movie “mahogany”? (Diana Ross)

5. How many squares are on a chessboard? (64)