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Hollywood News
Weekday mornings as 6:40
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Jennifer Lopez isn’t ashamed of her past relationships
Ricki Lake calls it quits on her marriage after just 2 years
Charlie Sheen and porn star fiancee call off wedding
A war flick, a chick flick and an animated flick all new in theaters this weekend


Wake Up and Win
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28% of men will never do this, even if they are told they are breaking the law. What is it? Turn off their cell phone
Stoopid News
Join Chris and Deb for non-stop morons on parade weekdays at 7:20
EBOLA!!! The TV show…
New coffee flavor at McDonalds- dead mouse
Wow, is this couple going to have a story to tell their kid about the day he was born!!
So which is more dangerous- a poisonous water moccasin or two idiot women with a gun?


Smarter Than Deb
Play Smarter Than Deb every weekday morning just after 7:30

1. What animated movie takes it name from a Yiddish word meaning monster? Shrek
2. In what state would you find Pike’s Peak? Colorado
3. What is the warmest continent? Africa
4. What was the retail chain S.S. Kresge renamed to in 1977? K Mart
5. Which side of the ship is “port”? The left