Morning Show Roun Up 5/8

Once again crooks, social media is not the place to brag about your crimes…and on a related note, riding lawn mowers make for bad get away vehicles.  Plus check out the answers to Wake Up & Win and Smarter Then Deb

Wake Up & Win

72% of American men have not had this in over a year.  What is it? Vacation

Smarter Than  Deb

  1. What is the more common name for the bone called the furcula found in birds? Wishbone
  2. What two states share a border with Florida? Georgia and Alabama
  3. What type of alcohol is typically used to make a mint julep? Bourbon
  4. What are the three colors in the Jamaican flag? Green, yellow and black
  5. What is the sport in the move  “The Hustler”? Pool

What the heck were they talking about